Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So Now, I'm part of a TEAM?

Whew! Just finished running my first 10K race last Sunday. For someone who had no inkling of running 3 months ago, I have come a long way. Not to say that I am a good runner.... just finishing the race was enough for me ( for now). I did not get to train for the whole week before the race. Maybe I was lazy, tired, busy or all of the above~ who knows???

My time, if you want to know was 1 hour 19 mins. I enjoyed the first 4k and I  was running at a pretty good pace. But when we got to the SKYWAY, (the elevated highway).. wow.. it really pushed my knees to the limit. ( the age was showing a bit...), but with no training, I finished in the top 30% of my race category. I even finished ahead of another friend who HAD trained that week for the run.

The race was for the benefit of the Dolphins and but what I was curious about is that the freebies were put inside PLASTIC BAGS (what the??? and this is for conservation?~ )

It is the only race that courses thru the main overpass highway in the business district. (that's why most people want to join).. I was thinking if I got stuck on the highway without finishing, will I get run over when they opened it again?? LOL

Honestly, I was struggling after the first uphill. I had to walk to get my wind back. There were water stations every 1.5kms and I went for one by the time I reached the 4.5 km mark. Thank goodness for the bananas. I really needed the food. Although I only managed to eat half of the banana that I swiped off the station. (imagine running and eating a banana at the same time. I was about to puke the banana)

The sponges at the end were a big help too. Cold water on your head when you feel you can't possibly finish helps you regain some strength. (there were TWO uphills for the race course). Everyone who finished got a medal. So I have my very first running medal!!!

So, the big news is.... WOULD YOU BELIEVE?  Me and my husband just got to become a member of a race TEAM. sponsored by SOLEUS WATCHES. We will be running on every run SOLEUS is sponsoring. (Can you imagine me with the soleus team shirt?)--- AND it's colored black... w/c compliments me!! yey! Dont ask me how this came about... I am still in shock at the revelation!
Problems is... I don't have a SOLEUS watch... I use GARMIN.... hehehe
Maybe they will sponsor our watches too!!! (hello soleus!)

For a so-so runner... being part of a running team seems so HUGE.... (It just makes me want to train now... OMG!)

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