Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quirky Eats

Here are just some things I passed by when I was in Shaoshing

these are stewed eggs (left side) and some sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves. These are sold on the corner Mom and Pop store at the side of the hotel.

these are assorted snacks. some are pigeon eggs, fish balls, beef balls, meat on skewers

here is a video of a lady making rice cakes by steaming. It looks very similar to something we have at home called PUTO BUMBONG. She also puts brown sugar in the middle of the cake. It's actually really good.

This is the end product. (see the purple hectagonal thing on the tray)

I still have some more pictures but I haven't gotten the time to arrange them yet. (noticed I took a lot of food pictures)
It would be nice to hear what you think about the food!

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