Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cold is relative

Well, it's what my friend from the US said when I posted in facebook that I will be going to Shanghai (temp in -3c) for work.

For one thing, lowest temperature in our country only reached 18C (one day only) and for the most part of the year, it stands between 32-34C. so, you might guess I was freaking out at the thought of freezing my ass off.

I quickly scoured the mall (thank heavens everything was on sale!) and bought a thick jacket, some woolen sweaters, thermals  (shirt, leggings AND socks)

I guess I went overboard but as I say, better safe than COLD. The jacket I bought had a furry inner vest that you can detach and wear on its own. It also has a hood with feathers- or was it fur? hmmm...

this is what I would look like if I wore it.

quite a resemblance... don't you think???

It's a chance for me to get some milage on some of the boots I have bought.... the weather here to warm to wear boots often. (LOL)


  1. I know ou have heard this from any Californian, but I'd love to have snow. It just sounds so magical, like a unicorn.



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