Monday, January 24, 2011

And then it SNOWED

and snowed and snowed..... and it didn't stop for 3 DAYS.

I am back after a almost a week spent in the freezing cold. You get what you wished for and I am guessing my husband was praying hard for snow. (he hasn't seen snow). The first thing he said to me as we were landing in Pudong International airport at was, "Is that snow??" and this was 10am when I was really only FAINTLY snowing (the flakes were sparse and not even visible. We deplaned and walked towards immigration and he looked out..

 "I think that's snow."

I craned my neck towards the wall to wall glass to see if is was really snow. To me, it was hard to tell.

Outside the airport at the long distance bus station, he was sticking his tongue out... "it's snow...." I had to laugh.

From shanghai, we had to take a bus (normally 3 hour ride) to the shaoshing city where I needed to work. It took 2 bus rides and 5 hours to get there. I think the weather was partly to blame.  When we finally arrived, the ground was covered with snow. When I had to change buses, I had to wait in the cold for a good 20 minutes. It was  VERY VERY long day to say the least.  (had to wake up 3am to catch the 6am plane to shanghai. Then the bus ride to the shaoshing province were we finally arrived 5pm or 14 hours later...)
this is at the 2nd bus station. You can see the snow starting to build.

The funny thing is, I asked my supplier if it normally snowed there. He said it doesn't snow every year and if it does, it only snows for one day and then that will be it. Freakish weather that we are having lately, it is the most snow they have had EVER! It was hard to work, where everything is open air (no heat) I couldn't feel my fingers let alone feel the textile I was buying. My head was aching from the cold (I was wearing a bonnet and a hood) , my two thermal socks were of no help either. The snow melted as we walked through the streets (turning it into slush- much like a milkshake) and soaked right into the shoes I was wearing. My toes felt like frozen fish sticks. 

this is where I look like the eskimo from the previous blog

somebody made a snowman outside a restaurant we passed. the eyes and mouth are bell peppers (I think)

I was fine with the 4 shirts and thick jacket- the problem was, my toes and fingers were not properly covered and that made the walking around for 5 hours quite a chore.

I think God didn't want me to work too much, because by the time we were to set off back to Shanghai for the sightseeing part of the trip, it STOPPED snowing and the weather cleared up. (I was wondering how I could sightsee with snow on the ground).

Notes on China:
1. no access to facebook
2. no access to youtube
3. provinces only accept the local credit card (unionpay) so better bring cash (it is only in shanghai that they accept mastercard)
4. be ready to dodge locals who spit EVERYWHERE (its not uncommon to hear... hoourch.... potooo... every few feet)
5. look left, look right when crossing the street. Pedestrians DONT have the right of way here.

next blog, will tell you about Shanghai.

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