Monday, October 18, 2010

Me?? A Runner?

3:30 am... wake up call.. YAWWWWN  (am I really doing this???)

shoes --- check
racing shirt--- check
race bib (my number)--- check

I couldn't imagine myself waking up at this hour to run...much less run 3 kilometers!

After splashing some water and getting dressed, (The racing bib definitely does nothing to my profile)
I grab a banana and head out the door. Outside, it was still dark and everything and everyone was still asleep. The streets were deserted as we drove to  our friend's houses to pick them up. (we were kind of a big group)  As we neared the venue, I could see the big globe in the middle of the grounds~ it's the symbol of SM Mall of Asia- the largest mall in this part of the world.
  We park near the starting gate and head for the different booths stationed at the race. This is my first race and it was organized by a bluewater dayspa.

We take souvenir photos at the starting gate and the winner's podium as we wait for the start of the race. It was about 5AM and the sun has not risen yet. The 10k runners were the first to get going at 5am and the 5k (where my husband and my friend were participating) followed at 5:20 am. By the time we assembled for our run, it was 5:30 and the sun was beginning to rise over the horizon.

Admittedly, I DID NOT prepare for this race AT ALL, but I was determined to do my best and finish. a picture says a thousand words and mine says... you need to get to the gym PRONTO! (LOL)

The buzzer sounds and the girls and I start running. I start slowly trying to pace myself. I kept thinking...Breathe in breathe out.  Some runners were like bullets, running past the slower ones and whizzing through the crowd. After a few meters, I look around, trying to see how the girls were doing. My friend (the thin one) was right beside me, and Dulce, was already about 20 meters in front... WHAT??? She was faster than me! (well, she was part of the track and field team in high school after all)

I feel my lungs giving out on me (good thing my friend was as out of shape as I was). WHEEZE.. PANT....WHEEZE.... (I kept my mind on breathing.. I don't want to be the person who collapsed in the middle of the road)
I slowed down and started a fast walk. (my friend is also beside me). By this time, the sun was already up and the temperature was a comfortable 27C. We were in the middle of the running pack. Around me were young ones, old ones and the one's who were passing us... (the fit ones)

I was sweating and panting and was doing a run/walk combination. I was can do it!

We round the corner. My other friend Dulce, was nowhere in sight. A water station at last! We get our fill and get our second wind. I urged my friend to start running again. My shins were kind of hurting.... Further down the path, we see the sign "LAST 1KM"~ I look at my watch. 19 mins. has passed. I tell my friend we can make it to the finish line in and clock in in less than 30 mins. (by my standards, its a good time).

Behind me, I hear the group from the 5k gaining on us (their route was longer than ours but would converge on the same path on the last part)... it was the local police force. They had Tshirts with POLICE on the back and were in a pace, chanting while jogging. I was tempted to join their group but was so winded I couldn't pace myself with them.

Beside me, my friend urged me to go ahead and run if I wanted to as we already was about 500m from the finish line. (she was more tired than me). I opted to stay with her.

Finished 28 mins. (not bad at all considering my shape at the moment).  Everyone was happy and satisfied we got to get our picture taken with local celebrities.

Me and Daniel (a brazilian model/actor).. isn't he cute?

We were inspired by our run and vowed to run another race next month. I need to train after all... bought shoes, registered for another race and scheduled my training sessions. (hopefully lose weight too).

But for now, we have to get breakfast!~~~

got the results: placed #294 out of 659 runners... official time- 27:50

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