Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3k and writing

Getting psyched up. My friends invited us to run at a charity fun run on Oct 17 (sunday). Considering I only get a few rounds of badminton a few times a week, I should be worried. However, I am in good company. LOL. My friends are also semi couch potatoes and it is only a 3k run. (piece of cake !!!)

I am trying to get healthy again ~ actually, there are fun runs (3k, 5k, 10k) almost every Sunday. But I have to see if I can muster myself to train these two weeks before the run.. I am pretty excited and NOT worried AT ALL. Maybe because I have friends with me.

I am finally having some very bright days ahead. I enrolled in a new writing class (online) that starts next week. I need a break from work (you know, sell...sell..sell.. and managing the customers etc). I FEEL so GOOD looking forward to writing again.

I also am attending a FOOD WRITING seminar - also next week. Well, I really love to learn how to write about food.. because, I love to eat!! har har...

I am also COOKING again. Yup.. getting busy alright. I got around to cooking some chocolate chip cookies a few days back. Tonight I will bake a cheesecake and maybe throw in a batch of crispy oatmeal cookies. I love the smell of baking in the house.. don't you? I just feel warm and cozy. I am going to test a oatmeal cookie recipe I got online. Will blog about the results (with pictures!)

Oh, and I got my camera back too... going to fiddle with it and get to know it better.. maybe I might get lucky and get some good pictures.

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