Friday, February 26, 2010

The Heat is ON

Summer heat is beating down... 33C and still going up. The weather bureau predicts it can go up to 40c. Whew! I was out the whole day yesterday and I got a migraine from the intense heat. Thank goodness I have airconditioning today at the office.
I need to buy me some new sunglasses pronto. (I only have one left and the lens got dislodged when we went to the amusement park.-- my hubby honey repaired it for me =)) I lost my aviator raybans from the pinatubo trip  (see older blog)--- and they make me look like Angelina Jolie too... hahahaha... shame

I think we need a nice rain shower or else I won't be able to go out... too hot!! As with anything, the weather indicates beach season too... (hmmm... does this mean I have to reintroduce myself to MR. TREADMILL?)
and school is going to finish in 2 weeks. Exams for the kids, which in  short, means I need to review with them too... I forsee a VERY busy two weeks. I have a lot of things to follow up.. work related orders, house related materials, and I need to plan our summer family trip..

Organize, organize, oraganize.... I need to make a check list! I sometimes overwhelm and confuse myself when I try to do /think about everything at once.

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