Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It's funny to find out what you are like while you are asleep. You don't really know unless someone is there  with you (meaning sleeping in the same room).

I had an out of town trip once, and my friend told me, that even in my sleep, I was still in deep thought. (I had my hand resting on my temples the whole time I was asleep... imagine the statue "the thinker")

Lately, I have been exhibiting certain quirks. My husband stood up one night and was walking around. He said I talked and asked, "What are you doing?" and before he could answer, (1 sec later) I was back snoring softly.. same night, he got up again... and again I asked, "What are you doing?" and same as before, (1 sec later) I was back snoring... Mind you, I don't snore like a chainsaw....they say I just snore softly like .. "zzzzz". I usually do that when I am extremely tired. I think I was more tired this week because I was now adding talking in my sleep to the routine...hahaha

I think the hectic pace of the coming Chinese New year rush has gotten to me...

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