Monday, October 22, 2012

The Butterfly Effect

After going on a long trip. I am back. I have so much to tell that it will take me a few weeks to squeeze in all the posts.

First things first.

News! News!...

I walked as a MODEL in one fashion show. By golly, and this after coming back from a cruise with an eat all you can buffet... you can imagine the pressure! GAWK

From previous posts, I already told you about how I lost weight on the Cohen program

Coming back from my trip, I scrambled to find a suitable gown to wear. It had to be red since I was put in the red group (some of the others were yellow, blue and black). Fortunately, I had a designer friend who lent me a gown that was used for a previous fashion show... and it was GORGEOUS.

One thing was, I wasn't thin enough (model sizing and all) to fit into it. (panic!!!!) I scrambled all my arsenal. (I avoided carbs, dairy, salt and sugar for a week).

OCT 18..... D DAY....

I did finally fit into the gown with no unsightly bulges. OH... and did I mention that the dress was a SEE THRU LACE creation? yup. nothing you can hide in that dress for sure.

One thing about this fashion show, is that it is like a graduation of sorts for most of us who have NEVER EVER been thin nor even considered ourselves model material. I know ALL of us were nervous, we have never been center of any spotlight... moreover, we tend to hide ourselves behind our husbands, kids or furniture in any picture taking activity and here we are... going out to prance in front of hundred of people... with cameras ... and spotlights. It's enough to give you nightmares and cold sweat.

Of course the fashion show is like a display. A display of results of how hard we worked. Some of the beautiful people with me were amazing in their transformation. From a grubby caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. We were ALL butterflies that night.

We had rehearsals the Sunday before the event. even then, we were nervous. the morning of the event itself, I woke up early and tried remembering all the tips the stylists taught us... back straight, chin up.. walk and smile smile smile. I had 5 inch heels... good thing was that it was very comfortable and my feet didn't hurt until the last hour before the show (9:30 am call time... 7pm show.)

prepping the stage
We had morning catwalk practice on the actual stage and then, we had a final run through for the whole show. After lunch, it was a mad house of make up and hair.

At 4pm, we had another run through and backstage picture taking... (by this time, I had a light salad for lunch amid kenny rogers chicken and 5 stacks of pizza backstage.. as I said, this dress was unforgiving).

the red team
At 6pm, we could hear some people were already coming in the venue. I could feel my armpits sweating. (thank you rexona... you didn't let me down! hahaha). I had touch ups to my hair and makeup and rested my feet (my toes were cramping up... it's not easy to be a model I tell you!!!)

7pm, we were getting more nervous as the "time" was nearing. I could see the others practicing their walk, some were at the mirror, practicing their pose. Some of my fellow models took "shots" of alcohol to calm the nerves. (I can't because I break out in hives when I drink). My feet were cramping and sweating at the same time. *dread* I tried to "walk through" the walk in my mind, where to stop. how to turn (I had a train and was afraid to trip on it) and to relax, pause, and smile. We were advised to not rush the walk to give opportunity to the photographers to take our pictures. (the advise was to count 5 seconds for the pose).

How can you smile when you feel your lips shaking? 

Here are some of my fellow models.

Younger, prettier.. AMAZING.......!!! (can't get enough of using amazing...!)

Watching all the ladies (and men) just reminded me how we can all be butterflies. It only takes a decision to change and the will power to see it through. 
walk the walk, talk the talk

strike a pose... VOGUE, here I come.

*note*- not a few chickens died for the boa. hahaha

My ONE and ONLY model moment. It felt like I was in the Ms. Universe pageant to be judged. Walking down the runway, the lights on you, you hardly see anybody. You just hear the screams of your friends. (thank you for all those who screamed.!! hahaha)

It was an experience. 

Thank you Cohen for this life changing event and for the new me. Till the next post guys. 

*discalimer- Cohen did not provide and/or approve alcohol during the event. The bringing in of booze was by personal choice

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