Monday, August 6, 2012


First time to get invited to a launch as a blogger. Joining COHEN gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of people (some involved in the food industry)  (see previous posts)

One, a former editor of a food magazine, invited me to a launch she was hosting of a new sweetener.

WOLFEX 2012 - (world food expo) just the name is like giving me ideas... (wolfing down gaboodles of free food samples!!)... and me, just in the middle of finishing my program

Just so you know, it was my first time to go to a FOOD expo (most of the time, I accompany my husband to CAR shows!) anyhoo...

Entering the venue (which was huge), I could see a lot of "sinful" booths... like...

sausages galore.!!!!!!! (I used to have a weakness for hungarian sausage)



excuse me while I wipe away the drool... (take note, the have my favorite-- ferrero rocher flavored!)

my oh my!!!--

there were roast Calf there too and all kinds of franchises like dim sum carts, popcorn carts, plus a host of new products. I avoided most of these with a vengeance.

Some products worth mentioning are:

COCONUT SUGAR  - a glycemic index of 37 (w/c is a lot better than regular sugar)

not sure on how to use this though. ( calabasa= pumpkin, camote = sweet potato,  )

they have granulated (for coffee) and finer one (for baking)
The coconut sugar costs about 300-350/ kilo pack. This is a lot more expensive than regular sugar, but if you want to try something healthier once in awhile.. why not?

Special Mention:

the new snack of choice!!!!- very healthy and no sugar added!!! - For Cohen people, you can have this on maintenance. (available in local groceries, about 70 pesos/ pack).. they also have a taro, jackfuit, banana and mixed fruit variety 
verdict: delish!!!

almond creamer (dairy free/gluten free) for coffee. haven't tried it but it looks interesting!

I bought one to try out with my gluten free vanilla cupcakes. I was wishing it would whip up firmer, some of my taste testers said it was fine. I could add more sugar (waiting for the confectionary version of the sugar free sweetener that was launched) to give it more oomph but opted to stay within range

This is also a almond milk cream (also dairy free). They said you can use this to make ice cream, shakes and such. (It has sweetened, sugar free and unsweetened version). the only problem with this is that it is quite expensive (300 pesos/box.. about $7-)

FRUITTI NUTTI - (DISTRIBUTOR OF THIS) - tel 9759689, 234-0872. they are located in santolan road. they also have various nuts and dried fruit.

After losing all the weight, I wanted to adapt a healthier lifestyle.. specifically doing GLUTEN FREE recipes. (planning to experiment on this on my other BLOG)

I also saw a lot of cooking stuff that were on sale, like silicone mats, specialty coffee machines and even a booth where they sell "subasta" (cheap) plates

It was a nice trip and to be invited "special" for an event. wooohoo.! My husband liked the DELIMONDO corned beef booth and got to try some bread too!

super delicious as per hubby... he bought several cans

my bread is better.. he says.!
Wolfex is a test of SELF CONTROL... in both eating AND buying (do I really need this??).. there is so much to see and try. There are also a lot of business opportunities (franchising) for those who are interested...  Hope you get to go to the next one!

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