Friday, June 17, 2011

The running (wo)Man

ok. ok. So I am not one you can LOOk at and immediately think... RUNNER. (none of the sleek legs you might expect from an athlete of that caliber)

I myself had doubts about running. I previously classified myself as a social person, so running... (w/c you basically do by yourself) is not one of my top ten activities.

For now, I can only run 5K's. I did one 10k and I thought I would die.

I think I do a decent time. Well, that is, until lately when I got back from the long trip to the Holyland.

I think too eating too many bean filled food made me so sluggish and lethargic. I just couldn't RUN.-- add to this the fact that I have been signed up by a watch company to be in their running team and you have got some real pressure to perform.  One other thing is that I have seen the pictures of me running and by golly, they ain't pretty. (blob on the run is more like it). Soleus has a page on facebook and regularly posts pictures of our runs. *embarrassing*

The last run I did, I had side stitches.. the pain you feel on your side when you run (and did not train) and some pain on my shin. (my friend said it was the way I was stepping). All in all, the run was just so hard. My legs felt like lead filled logs. Ugh.

So, I have decided to train my ass off. So far, I have made two 3K runs and plan to add another tomorrow... maybe up my distance to 5k.

I have another run on July3 and I hope to improve my time. My goal for the next run is to make 32mins. My personal best so far is 34mins. so I still have some work to do.

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