Friday, June 17, 2011

Coffee wishes and Cupcake dreams

I have attempted to bake before. I have also tried my hand at cupcakes.

Some of my endeavors have been successful and some were a disappointment. You would think cupcakes would be the easiest thing to make right? Well, I was wrong.

Yesterday, for the sheer curiosity of what I was doing wrong and the desire to serve something people would want to eat, I enrolled in a cupcake class. I am so happy I did.

There are just so many things you don't learn from reading a cookbook.

#1- cream butter and sugar together. (i usually do it and finish in 2 minutes)... the instructor actually showed us that you had to cream the butter a certain # of minutes to make the cupcake more heavenly. WOW. big revelation.

#2- baking is a precise science. - you have to measure everything exactly. use a REAL measuring spoon and cup (not a table spoon you use for eating or a cup you use for drinking)~ i was guilty of doing this!!

#3- baking requires patience. (you have to wait for things to turn into a certain way before you can add more things)

#4- make sure all ingredients are ROOM TEMP. eggs, water, milk. BUT since we are in a tropical country... the room temp would be a little warm for the butter. and essentially, you want the butter to be a little soft... not melted. So we have to be careful with that.


this is the smores cupcake... you have to use a torch to get that burn effect-- almost burned the kitchen down!!!
 -- the smores cupcake was topped with a marshmallow frosting...
tiramisu cupcake... with the cheesecake frosting!! yum!

tres leches- three milk cupcake... yummy !!
- tres leches with whipped cream topping....
Now, all I have to do is replicate what we did in the class in my actual kitchen.... gotta get my coffee machine going... have to have a cupcake.

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