Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wanderlass and the Candie Shop

Lilianne, and her two sisters are great travellers. (they actually have another sister- but she lives in Japan and I haven't met her). Aside from travelling, they are foodies and  great story tellers too.

Lilianne has a great travel blog- and has had her works published on magazines. She has been cited by one website as one of the top 40 travel blogs. She is also an avid photographer.If you love to hear stories about travel, check out her site.

Her sister, Candie, has her own blog too.. most of the time, she blogs about food. She is part time tour guide if anyone is interested in visiting the Philippines. her blog is - (this is a cute play on words of her name).

If I ever have blog envy, these two women are on top of the list.

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