Friday, November 26, 2010

5K- run united

I ran 5k last sunday. Nov. 21. It was my first. 

Was I prepared enough? I don't think so. 

Did I try to prepare? A little bit, when I had the time and energy.

The run was organized by United Laboratories, a big pharmaceutical company. The singlet was nice as was the freebies.

My goal was to finish near the time my husband finished. about 38 minutes. I wanted to be able to sustain my pace for the longest possible time without stopping to walk. Here is how it went:

When the race started at 5:40AM, my husband and friend was already going ahead of me. (they have longer legs..) I told them to leave me behind. There were 4400 people racing in the 5k and it was difficult to run. I knew they had water stations every 1.5km so I guessed it was a good marker for me to guess how far I had to go.

I clocked 6 something minutes my first kilometer. The second kilometer, about 7 minutes. At the first station, there were CROWDS of people standing taking a drink.. (I skipped that station) I  kept going... quite proud I was still running strong (by my standards anyway). By the third kilometer, I clocked in at 22 mins (better than my first try- 28 mins).

It was a little bit past the 3k that I was losing steam. I found my legs straining to keep my pace. (the under training showing I guess). I walked a little and tried to jumpstart my pace every so often.

When I reached the sign "last 1k" I suddenly had a surge of energy. I wanted to finish strong. Besides, it is where most of the photographers were stationed and I wanted an action picture.. hahahaha. I kept looking for the big arch that was the finish line. How come it felt like the longest 1k of the whole race?

I finished a decent 38:15. It was better than my expectations.  We are planning another 5k in december. Hope to do a better time- The funny part is, I never imagined myself ever getting into running at all.. Now, both me and my husband are buying "running stuff"- watches with laptime (wish list is the TIMEX ironman watch with GPS, heart rate monitor and individual laptime),

no pictures of me running yet... (you don't realize how big you are until you take a picture.)

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