Monday, May 23, 2011

Hat's off

Lately, I have been having a hat craving. Maybe it's the summer weather, who knows??

I RARELY wear hats... maybe because you don't see many people wear them here unlike say... Australia, where they have  racing day and you surely have to get a very exotic hat to wear. Or for instance, the wedding of Prince William (did you see the hat to Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice?)

My gawd, do English royalty dress like the mad hatter??? and they think this is stylish?

Oh well, back to normal looking hats.....

In a span of maybe a month, I have bought myself 3 hats. The first one is a fedora I bought at Esprit. (haven't had an opportunity to wear it yet)
I bought one in black felt (the picture is straw)

The next two are basically the same style. a big round floppy hat for something you would wear while strolling down a beach (which i still have to do... summer in the Philippines basically over in two weeks~) It's been raining hard lately... a sure sign the monsoons are coming

This hat is so classic, it just takes you to somewhere warm.... big round sunglasses on... maybe sailing on some yacht, sipping a cool drink. VERY french riviera of me, I know!

There was a time I has a cowboy hat craving too... just bought a bunch of straw cowboy hats.

I have to do the beach SOON--- weather forecasts have said we have some typhoons coming in the next couple of weeks.. 

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